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Remembering The Burnt Survivor Who Came To America's Got Talent 3Years Ago?see her recent picture

Hello Fam,please welcome and follow for moreBurns happen when one gets into contact with dry source of heat or by contact with strong acid or alkalis.Any accident,being it in the home, workpace or car which involves flame of fire,hot metals,gas fire,electrical wires and lightening. The depth of burns and the extent of the burn are always taken into consideration when the severity of the burns comes to question.

Burns has been considered the number one source of women's killer because,They are alway near a flame.The area the burn covers will determine if you can survive or not.With the case of kechi, A Nigeria lady who base in America, She survived a plane crush with a full thickness or third degree burns.As you can see,the burn took more than 60% of her body.And research has shown that,a burn which covers 60% of a patient body can lead to death because of the amount of fluid loss.But upon her ordeal, she still came out stronger like nothing happened. Though her face and body is covered with scars which attract some stigma but shes an inspiration for all those in her state.

With everything shes gone through as a person,she still persue her dreams as a singer.she came through with the auditions of AGT and she worn a lot of heart.let her ordeal influence you to fight for what you believe in.

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3Years America Burns Nigeria


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