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Got Married to My Husband Because Of His Big Rod But I’m Now Scared Of It After Testing It

My name is Chidimma. I am from Onitsha an exceptionally well known city in Anambra state in Eastern Nigeria. I am 23 years of age and as of now wedded to a Hausa man from Adamawa state in Northern Nigeria. My parents are no more as the two of them died in an accident while returning Aba 5 years prior. 

At the point when my folks were alive, they generally squabbled about my father not being man enough to fulfill my mum and I generally heard my mum taking steps to separate from my father and get married to another man before the lamentable mishap removed them. After my folks demise, I revealed to myself that I will get me wedded to a man with a masculinity sufficient to fulfill me so I won't have the issues my folks had in their marriage. 

I met Haruna, my significant other during my administration year in Adamawa and we became hopelessly enamored with one another however I had no aim of getting married to him not until a day I erroneously jumped into his room without knocking and I saw him naked. 

I quickly saw his third leg and revealed to myself I am going to get married to him just to keep the guarantee I made to myself years back. 

Myself and Haruna, guaranteed ourselves not to have any type of intercourse before our marriage and we kept to it carefully. 

After our wedding, during our special night we have our first closeness together. It was acceptable however I am terrified on the grounds that I nearly lost my life during the experience. 

Please perusers counsel me on what to do. Would it be advisable for me to make the separation stride my mum needed years prior? 

What do you need to state about this? Merciful exhortation this woman by means of the remark meeting.

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