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Don't say "I want to ease myself" say this Instead and more corrections

English language is complicated and the only way for you to understand it well is by carefully accepting corrections and also applying them in the appropriate places.

There are some common mistakes we make in English that makes our writing and spoken words very awkward, so in this article you are going to have a look at certain mistakes we make in English and the right phrases for them.

Wrong and Correct Phrases to Use:

1. It is not so polite to say "I want to ease myself" say "I want to Pee, or I want to urinate instead"

2. Don't say for "all intensive purposes" say For "all intents and purposes"

3. Don't say it is not "by purpose or On accident" say On purpose or By accident"

4. Don't say "You have another thing coming" it's wrong, say "You have another think coming"

5. Don't say "Slight of hand" say "Sleight of Hand"

6. Don't say "One in the same" it is totally wrong, say "One and the same"

7. Don't say "Wet your appetite" say "Whet your appetite"

8. Don't say "Waiting on" like I am waiting on you" it is totally ungrammatical. Instead it is right to say "I am waiting for you"

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