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See How You Can Express Yourself And Start a discussion with Friends

there are 6 ways you can start a group discussion

(1) by saying a quote: the quote for example, suppose the topic of group discussion is no marriage or arranged marriage . you can start something like this when I saw you I fell in love and you smiled, because you knew it William Shakespeare, friends today’s topic is no marriage or arranged marriage. I would like to request everyone to contribute in this group discussion and express your views so that we can make this discussion a success so let’s begin.

(2) by telling the definition of the topic: a for example suppose the topic is GST you can first define it by saying, friends GST means goods and services tax. Paid by customers for the goods and services they used, these taxes are paid to services providers who in turn remit it to the government. Friends what did you say about GST, put down your opinions and views.

(3) providing facts, figures and statistics: for example the topic of discussion are suicides farmers, you can say friends please login XYZ government website. and see that about seven hundred farmers committed suicide from January till March, that is in the first three months of 2018. The problems are becoming more serious, our farmers are dying of suicides, what are the reasons for that. Friends I request your contribution in these discussion.

(4) By asking questions: you have to ask the question to the group, and you have to answer the question. example the topic of group discussion is war, you can ask by saying friends how may wars do we fought with Iraq?, four consecutive wars that resulted to nothing else but destruction, friends should we continue in war? These is very importance topic please put down your views,

(5) leaving a shocking statement: for example in the topic for group discussion you can start something like friends unfortunately, Ghana is becoming the great capital of the world, do we want this image of our country? dear friends the topic of the group discussion is very serious women safety in Thailand. I would like to request everyone to put their views in.

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