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Mfantse Population Growth And Territorial Expansion

Mfantse Population Growth and Territorial Expansion.

The Fante population started to grow rapidly after they had settled in Mankessim. The Fantes engaged in farming and hunting decades before mastering the fishing occupation.

The fertile land in Mankessim resulting from abundant streams, and a river called Okye running through Mankessim made farming relatively easy, and that resulted in a bumper harvest. Fantes were originally farmers, and most Fantes still depend on this occupation for a living.

Abundant food coupled with Fante fertility customs resulted in a population explosion. There are numerous artifacts such as the Fante fertility dolls (such as the one attached here in this post) that prove that the Fantes practiced fertility customs.

As the population grew, Mankessim became too small a place for the Fantes, and this led to clan heads moving from Mankessim to establish new settlements. Such settlements became new states who still view Mankessim as their traditional home.

The new states that were established are the Enyan, Abeadze, Ajumako, Akumfi, Gomoa, Asebu, Essiam, Edina Oguaa, Abura. New states later developed from the north-eastern states: Agona and Breman; and Ahanta and Wassa developed from the south-western states.

Recorded history often has it that the Fantes arrived in Mankessim in batches, asserting that some groups arrived first and were later joined by other groups. But this assertion may not be true. Festivals celebrated by Fantes is proving that some groups rather moved out of Mankessim before others. This will be discussed later.

At the southeast, the Fantes spread to meet the Akwamus, later joined by the Gas; the spread to the north-east met the Akyems; the spread to the north-west met the Assins, the Twifos, and the Denkyiras; and the spread to the south-west met the Nzimas.

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