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The Fante Leader Who Offered Himself As A Sacrifice To Save The Fantes

Egya Ahor was the chief priest of the Fantes state called "Akyen" and was also among of the eminent Fante leaders who led the Fantes in their migration from Techiman to their present settlement. He operated from the shrine called "Akyen" where people consulted the gods and oracle's and sought medical treatment for their ailments.

Egya Ahor prepared many medicinal herbs and concoctions that protected the people from many diseases, evil spirits, calamities and infections. He also predicted times and seasons for the people to help them in their farming and fishing expeditions. He could tell when there will be rain, drought, windy conditions and bush fires.

This enabled the people to plan their activities without fear of climatic failure. During the Akyenmu festival, he offered sacrifices and poured libation on behalf of the people. This gave them protection and divine direction.

He ensured that there was always peace and unity among the Fantes and devoted much of his time to the service of the Fantes state. Egya Ahor was also a great farmer and a hunter who assisted the poor and the needy with his wealth and example is farm produce. He placed his intelligence and talents at the disposal of his people.

The leader became famous when he decided to give himself up to be sacrificed for his people during a serious epidemic. The chiefs and elders met at the Mankessim and realized that the only solution to the crises was a human sacrifice so this made Egya Ahor offered himself to be sacrificed to the gods to bring an end to the epidemic when nobody was willing to do so.

Before his death, he ordained his son, Edufor as his successor. Egya Ahor was sacrificed at a shrine he was sent to at 3:00pm on Friday, May 3 at Mankessim. The strange disease stopped soon after he had been sacrificed.

The Fantes instituted an annual festival called "Ahobaa" to remember the sacrifice Egya Ahor made for his people. The festival is celebrated every year in May or early June.

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