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Check out the major diseases that Neem tree is capable of treating

Little History About The neem Plant

1.Scientific Name of Neem tree.Azadirachta indica


3.Classification :Azadirachta

4.Kingdom :Plantae



The Neem tree originates from India from where it was imported as trees from the avenues for its shade.As it resists drought, it was used in the Sahel in re-aforestation.These are the most used leaves in traditional medicine in treating of malaria, edema and rheumatism.

The Description of The Neem Plant

It is a small tree stand up to 5 to 15 meters high.The leaves are alternate paripinnate.The small white flowers are clusters and very fragrant.The fruit is a small cylindrical drupe or almost oval.It is light green and yellowish at maturity The hard core is covered with a slightly sweet viscous pulp and its wood is never attacked by termites because of its bitterness, it has a taproot system which grow beneath the soil for extraction of soil mineral for its development.

The Curative Action of Neem Tree

Many works have sought to explain the pharmacological action of the plant.An alcoholic extract of leaves and trunk bark has shown that, Neem tree contains anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activity.A freeze-dried aqueous extract of the leaves given by oral route to rats confirms this anti-inflammatory action.Seed oil contains many principles that are insecticides and can protect crops from predators.


For treatment of Fever, Gastric Ulcers and Malaria


Boil 30 grams of leaves in one liter of water for half an hour Drinking half a liter a day.

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