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Meet Mr. Adade, the IT specialist who left the UK to become a fish farmer.

It is now time to tell those Africans in the Diaspora to come back home and establish something great in African. Many black Americans have returned back to Africa and set up mind blowing projects which are earning them millions of cedis as returns. Mr. Adade is one of the returnees who left his telecommunication job to Ghana to become a fish farmer. 

Mr. Adade was born in Ghana, stayed at Dodowa for sometime and left for United Kingdom when he was three years old. Throughout his life, he has stayed in the UK and went to school there. He later studied IT and understood how some things work in the technology world. His dad set up a telecommunication business where he was one of the workers there. They stayed in the UK and everything was going on well but Odade was not comfortable with the way living in the UK. He mentioned that the routine became one way as everyday, from house to work and from work to house. There wasn't anything challenging but life was stressful. 

I decided to come down to Africa and find the way forward. Unfortunately, my dad died and I started as a fish farmer. It wasn't easy at the start but with careful examination, I improved upon my farming and now, I have over 5,000 fishes in one pond. I have 4 ponds now. I have four people who are currently working for me and I am looking forward to employing more people as we expand. 

I would advise my people in the Diaspora that whatever you want to achieve, you can do it on Ghana here. There is a lot of competition outside there and most of the things that can be done in Ghana can't be done out there.

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