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Will You Drive? Watch Photos Of The First Ever Transparent Car, You Will Love It

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Technology has really helped in the invention of many equipments that has brought improvement into the transport, agricultural and industrial sectors. Currently, technology is growing at rate which is very fast

In this article we are going to look at one of the biggest inventions that has ever been seen in the World.

How will you feel when driving in the hood of East Legon and every can see the inside of your car? Never mind, now from the engine, to the seats and all people in a car can be seen due to the innovation of the transparent car built by TRW automobiles.

The car was first unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show. The car was launched as the first ever transparent car. A lot of discussion has triggered regarding to its use and benefits.

TRW Automotive used a life size acrylic car ‘driven’ by models to demonstrate how it is working towards semi-automated driving as well as other new technology innovations to keep drivers and car passengers safe.

The company believes cars will be packed with more intelligent safety systems in the next decade that can anticipate road conditions.

TMR automotive objectives and aspirations are something extraordinary than can't be think of. They wanted the people to take good look at all the advanced air bags, brand new breaking systems and not leaving steering systems. The car collect every data around it because it have many sensors. Watch photos below

What do you think about this stunning technology. Isn’t it a very good way of exposing all the latest technologies in one piece?


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