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"Vanity Upon Vanity". Meet The Man With 7000 Private Cars In His Garage. (See photos)

I just, surprise, wonder how a human being could have so many cars in his possession, custody.

What is the man trying to prove in the first place? It's not bad to have a car, automobile but owning it a lot becomes a problem, difficulties.

How can a man own 7,000 cars in his garage alone. For those who do not know his name, the name of the man in question is Mr Hassan Bolkiah.

He is the Prime Minister of Brunei. Brunei is a country located on the north coast of the island in East Asia. The man on question Mr. Hassan Bolkiah is a magician and a lover of cars, automobil.

In his garage, he has more than 7,000 thousand different types of cars.

All his cars, automobile are bulletproof. Cars like Mercedes benz are all dedicated to him, to Brunei and also his plate number has been assigned.

Below is the breakdown of his car in his garage and how many they are.

Mercedes Benz = 574

Rolls-Royce = 604

BMW = 209

Ferrari = 452

Coenigsegg's = 134

Jaguars = 179

Lamborghini = 21

SSC = 1

Aston Martin = 11

See pictures of his top cars

The sum of all his cars, automobile he acquired amounts to a total of dollars 5 billion ($ 5 billion) and his net worth exceeds dollar 20 billion.

But I still wonder if the man in question was driving all of these cars at once.

Some picture of Hassan Bolkiah and his famil .

Guys, what's your reaction to Hassan Bolkiah cars?

Is it okay to own a lot of cars like this of Hassan Bolkiah ?

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