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Test Drive Gone Bad: 34-year old man in trouble for not buying a sedan car after a 'Test Drive'

Test Drive Gone Bad: 34-year old man in trouble for not buying a sedan car after a 'Test Drive'

Salem Abubakar has gotten himself into trouble after he went over to the Phantis Auto Garage this morning to test drive a car he wanted to buy. Salem has been calling the Phantis at the start of 2021 to pressure them about a particular salon car he was interested in, but the Phantis never had the kind of saloon he was looking for and recommended a series of cars to him. Salem who should have checked his pocket well never did and wanted to feel the car to make sure, it was within his standard. Phantis agent Afful took charge of the convertible Salem had chosen and made him know the price of the car, before setting off. Awful further laid down the process to him that, the car was for executive men and it wasn't just a normal car that will be on a test drive if he wasn't willing to buy.

Salem wanted them to pull the car on the road, but Afful made it compulsory to him that, it was of normal procedure he pays a certain percentage of the money for the car, which was to be used as a seed for the car before they could allow the car to set on test drive soil. The money was refundable Afful said, but Salem failed to read the sheet of paper Afful pull from his desk for Salem to sign, and the man Salem signed the sheet of paper without reading through it. He made the initial deposit of GH¢12,000 when they said it was refundable because without that they wouldn't have allowed the car on test drive grounds. He had the money in him, and gave it to them willingly is he could take it back after the test drive.

Salem was interested in the car and pulled it on the road to enjoy the sound and the engine of the car. They started the test drive around eight forty in the morning and ended the drive at two o'clock in the afternoon. It was after the test drive, Salem realises the cars mode of payment wasn't his best choice. They were willing to take 70% upfront and spread the 30% for him within six months to one year. Salem requested his money back after the mode of payment wasn't agreed by him, and Afful refused to grant him his 12,000 since Salem did not buy the car. The sheet Salem signed was stated in clause five that, a refundable amount of money shall be taken from the prospective buyer who will be willing to test drive the car, and the money shall only be refunded to them when they buy the car.

Salem felt Phantis tricked him through the agent Afful, because they told him the money he was paying was refundable and it was customary for anyone who wanted to test drive the car to pay the amount before the car was going to be allowed to be used as a test drive. Afful who spoke to me said, the car is not just a car anyone can walk in and request a test drive without buying, and it was not his duty to tell Salem to read the sheet before he made the payment and signed. The money would have been refunded to him, only if he bought the car, and now that he didn't buy the car, that one will be used to service the car for a serious buyer. Salem was not given his money and he has threatened to sue the Phantis for deceiving him.  


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