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Check these things before you board a vehicle for a safe journey

Cars have been a necessity and a much needed convenience to going to work or pleasure. 10 Things you need to check before you enter your car:

1. Fluids ( oil and coolant) an under- the- bonnet check is first on the list.

2. Light

3. Wipsers

4. Wheels and tires

5. Brake pads

6. Leaks

7. Drive belts

8. Spare belts.

Or what you should check before driving off? But have you ever wondered if your car is ok for a road trip? Now that you have checked the above 5 things you can relax knowing that PIN THIS TO YOUR TRAVELING PINTEREST BOARD. However, before you set off anywhere, u need to prepare your vehicle. Five things to check on your car before your next trip.

Lights one of the easiest yet most essential things you need to check on your vehicle caravan is your lighting system. Tyres. Are your tyres ready for your holiday trip or your drive? Oil, water and other fluids. Brakes, steering and suspension. Have you given a thought to the maintenance of your car's coolant level. The last thing you need is a frozen engine or for your car to overheat.

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Leaks Light Wipsers


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