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List Of The Most Economical Cars In 2021 Which Cost Less Than £10,000

Everyone likes something extra especially more miles between petrol station visits. We take a look at the most economical cars

1. Honda Civic (2012 – 2017) 1.6 i-DTEC - 65.1mpg

The Civic has several personalities. There’s the stable, reliable family hatchback. The tourer was built for family trips. And the blisteringly quick Type R hot hatch. 

Then there are the various specification levels. However, all models – and versions – share the same distinctive, eye-catching sleek Civic styling. 

While there’s nothing overly exciting about its interior, that’s more than outweighed by the practicality, excellent reliability record, and punchy diesel engines. 

Owners of the Civic 1.6 i-DTEC SE have reported a solid 65.1mpg. You can pick up one of these from 2013 for less than £5,000. That’s a lot of car for your money. 

2. Suzuki Swift (2017 onward) 1.0 Boosterjet SHVS - 64mpg 

The Swift name is yet another that dates back to the early 1980s. However, the latest generation boasts technological developments and great fuel economy. 

It’s neat, compact, and is rightly praised for its good looks and great handling. There’s also a decent level of standard equipment. 

The Swift is available in a variety of formats, including a mild hybrid that aims to reduce CO2 emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and deliver lower running costs. 

Owners have highlighted the 1.0 Boosterjet SHVS engine as impressively efficient, with 65.7mpg being recorded. You can get your hands on one for upwards of £8,000. 

3. Fiat Panda (2012 onward) 1.3 MultiJet - 65.4mpg

There have been millions of Pandas produced since Fiat introduced the first version of this cracking car back in the 1980s. 

Of course, a lot has changed over the past three decades. The original boxy shape has given way to smooth lines, while the basic interior has received several makeovers. 

However, the reasons for buying this car remain the same: practicality, a decent ride, and the fact it’s surprisingly spacious. Such qualities make it ideal for town driving. 

You can also look forward to covering plenty of miles on a tank of fuel as owners of Pandas powered by 1.3 MultiJet engines have enjoyed a real MPG of 65.4mpg. 

You can also pick up an eight-year-old 1.3 MultiJet for less than £4,000

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