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Indeed Israel is Home Of Genius, See Their Amazing Electric Road (Photos)

Diesel and petrol vehicles have caused alot of problems like environmental pollution for many years now, so people are better off trying to alleviate this problem by introducing electric cars.

Though not widely used by people, these electric cars will reduce emissions of greenhouse gas. However, these electric cars face major challenges, the high battery cost, few battery charges, and a long charge.

Because of these challenges that comes from the use of diesel and petrol, an Israeli company later came up with an ideal of electrifying roads to recharge the cars while driving. The company puts copper bobbin under a circular floor covering 900 feet that transmits wireless recharge to a test car electrically driven by Renault Zoe.

Because their batteries are very cost, these roads ensure that smaller and lighter batteries are used, as the vehicle is constantly charged, which requires minimum storage capacity. Thanks to the inventors involved in this amazing project, this is indeed a fantastic innovation.

Can Africa get to this level? What's your opinion

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