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Sad Moments As Aboboyaa Rider Loses His Life Because Of Weight And Pressure.

Aboboyaa, or tricycle motorbikes, were introduced to the Ghanaian market and have proven to be a lucrative source of income for many. In Accra, the motorcycle is being employed to collect and dispose of garbage. This is a great way to provide work for people who engage in self-employment. Aboboyaa is available in a variety of styles and brands. Some have two rear back wheels, which provide the motor with stamina and strength, ensuring some measure of safety for those who ride them.

Some are also available with single tyres, which are less durable than double tyres. When they are laden with too much weight over their maximum strength, they lose their balance and can easily collapse over.

Due to too much weight and unfavorable road conditions, a rider has tragically lost his life. The Aboboyaa on which the rider died was being used to transport timber that was being delivered to a customer. Unfortunately, the trike lost its balance, rolled over, and pinned the rider beneath the wood, quickly killing him due to the pressure and weight. He died because the tragic event occurred in a distant region where rescuers were unable to reach the sad rider.

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