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Look at The Surprising Thing Written in a Car - Only Legends Will Understand

There is a certain picture trending on social media which has got people confused and at the same time surprised. This was about an inscription written on the door of a taxi.

The words written in the door is deep for only legends to understand. On the door of the car, "off" is written on the left hand side, "on" is written on the right side and "AC" is written in between them. See the picture below.

This writings were scribbled on top of the handle used to operate the glass window of the car. Looking at the picture, it is difficult to understand what it means at first glance but when one looks deeper, he or she will understand.

The meaning of what is written is that the handle is used to operate AC. "AC" in this context means fresh air. So spinning the direction of the handle towards the off sign means you're closing the window. This means you're preventing fresh air from entering.

Turning the handle towards the "On" sign means you're rolling the glass down and hence you're making air enter the car.

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