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Motorcycle key for easy transportation

Around the world, a motorcycle remains one of the possible transportation need for us to move. In Ghana, motors have been significant in making our lives easier. However, we also need to take the negative effect into consideration and understand how it has an impact on our lives.

The use of motors in Ghana has made most things convenient for us. We have been able to transport heavy loads from one place to another and sometimes from one country to another.It is almost impossible to think about how we were able to move around before the invention of motors.In olden days, we used to use donkeys and camels to transport our goods.The use of motors in this modern age has made us look at a different way of life.

This is one form of positive effect that the invention of motors had in Ghana.There are other ways that motors have positively affected us.For instance, the motors are used to till our farms and make them produce food. It is no longer difficult for farmers to till the land and plant their crops.

Agai, the use of motors in Ghana has also increased the number of vehicles on the road. There are many reasons for this, one of them being convenience. Moving from one place to another is now going to be very easy for many people who own cars and vans.They can easily transport their goods.However, there are negative effects to the use of motors in Ghana. The noise that motors makes is very irritating to some people especially those living near the road. Furthermore, it also effects our health in a negative way.

It is unbelievable for a human to be able to control a motor.However, that does not mean we cannot avoid the negative effects of this invention.The best way for us to control the negative effect of motors is to take good care of them. Keep them in a clean environment and give them regular maintenance.

There is another way that the harmful effect of motors can be avoided. If we understand how to use them, as well as consider its negative effects, we could definitely avoid most of the problems it can cause.

The use of motors in Ghana has made our life easier. It is difficult to imagine a time before the invention of motors. It would be very sad for us not to use them because the problems they cause are unavoidable. We just have to realize the positive and negative effects and use them accordingly.

In conclusion, we cannot live without motors. It is a blessing to us as it has made our moving around easier. At the same time, it has also caused some negative effect in our lives. We just have to learn how to use them efficiently. Most of the issues we face from the use of motors can be avoided through our understanding.

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