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Finally, Another Car Manufacturer from Africa Rivals Kantanka Cars Made in Ghana

Kantanka is not the only car manufacturing company in Africa. There are numerous from African countries like Nigeria, Morroco and South Africa. Some are serving as tough competitor to Kantanka.

Kantanka has held the title of the most innovative, most prosperous and most advanced automobile company in Africa for some years now. Currently it is about to face a rival from another African country.

This car manufacturing company is from Lesotho 🇱🇸. Unlike Kanatanka who is purposed in manufacturing luxurious SUV cars, this car company manufacturers bolder jeep cars.

These cars are made to withstand harsh road and bad environment. The car is named Tlome Thabure. It means strong and bold.

When a handle on twitter posted this, some people went down the tweet to give their opinions about it. See some of the comments in the pictures below.

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