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See The Longest Car Ever Which Has Swimming Pool, Sitting Room And Helicopter Landing Pad (Photos)

This 30.5 meter, 26.5 wheel sedan was designed by Jay Orberg from Burbank, California, USA. It has many features including a pool with diving board and a large water bed. It is designed to be driven as a sturdy vehicle or to bend in the center.

Its purpose is to be used in films and shows. The stretch limousine, the vehicle of choice for Hollywood stars, was not made by one of the big car manufacturers, but by a bus manufacturer modifying the standard luxury car.

Specifications and luxury vary. In the US, luxury car maker Lincoln holds the largest market share, although other brands such as Cadillac and Mercedes are also popular.

In its heyday, this large Cadillac sedan featured a center of articulation that required a second driver to operate, as well as two engines and 26 wheels. The Eldorado configuration with front-wheel drive aids construction as there are no complicated semi-axles or floor protrusions to handle.

Among the many unique features of Ohrberg's original design are greenery, a hot tub, wading pool, and - take this - a helipad.

By the way, this creation called The American Dream has long since disappeared from the spotlight and is rotting and has been slowly stripping its clothes in a parking lot for years before heading to the Autoseum in minola, New York a few years ago for restoration, which should have been be a learning project for students.

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