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Google launches its First Self driving car, see photos.

The tech giant popularly known for being the biggest search engine service provider amongst email services and others has ventured into the automobile industry and more specifically the autonomous (driverless) car space.

The tech giant has now made it public about it's first car which is autonomous and it's set to revolutionize our way of transportation. Google partnered with an autonomous car company called Waymo which is at the forefront of this project.

The prototype, an electric two-seater about the size of a Smart ForTwo, looks a bit like an egg. The headlights and grille (which, of course, EVs don't really need) give it a cartoonish face, something clearly meant to put people at ease with the groundbreaking technology within.

This is the third-generation Google car. The first was a modified Toyota Prius. The current generation is a modified Lexus RX350h. The third-generation car unveiled uses essentially the same technology.

These cars have racked up about 700,000 miles since 2009 with no significant mishaps to speak off. There's always been a human at the wheel ready to take control. That required using cars that humans can operate, with things like steering wheels and brake pedals. But that's a temporary phase.

Once computers are unarguably better drivers than humans--and regulations change to reflect that--auto design could, and should, see a major revolution.

The most basic ideas, like forward-facing seats, mirrors, and foot-operated controls--will no longer be necessary. Automakers can go nuts.

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