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An unusual commercial vehicle causes massive stir online. Netizens react (Watch Video)

Things really happens in this part of our world and as much as it is shocking it is also very hilarious at the same time. This video is creating soo much commotion online that it is a sight to see immediately as netizens cannot stop talking about it.

There is that notion that it is only around our part of the world that we have wretched vehicles on our roads and this notion is sometimes true. But on our logical part too there is also that adage that if it isn't spoilt there is no need repairing it and sometimes even if it is old and broken and it can be repaired why not?. 

On some of our roads, it is normal to see some commercial vehicles in their worst states and instead of the owners discarding these vehicles, they will rather use this vehicles to the point this vehicles almost looks torn apart. In this video fast trending online, this commercial vehicle seen with passengers inside is almost in pieces and instead of such vehicle being discarded, it is still on the road doing business as it nothing is serious and dangerous about it.

Now people are asking which country can this vehicle be found at. Watch the video below.

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