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Checkout How Big A Ship’s Engine Looks Like (Photos)

The engine is a machine that converts energy from the heat of combustion of gasoline into mechanical work or torque. This torque is applied to the (car wheels and propeller) to drive it. The car engine is one of the most important parts, it is the power plant that has the power to drive it.

We all know about car engines and other mobile websites. But have you ever seen a ship's engine? In this article I will show you the Wärtsil RT-flex96C, one of the largest marine engines ever built.

The Wärtsil RT-flex96C is a low-speed, two-stroke turbo diesel engine from the Finnish manufacturer Wärtsil. This mega-power station weighs over 2,300 tons and is designed for large container ships running on heavy fuel oil, the giant engine is 14 feet high, 27 feet long.

This monstrous engine has an insane output of 80,089 kW, which is powerful enough to move mountains. It uses up to 1,660 gallons of heavy fuel oil per hour and if you try to compare that to the size of a small building.

See photos;

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Finnish Wärtsil RT-flex96C


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