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Road Accident

Check Out 4 Driving Position Mistakes You Should Avoid While Taking Your Car Out On The Road

Before hitting the road, it's critical to select a comfortable driving stance. More than just a matter of convenience, finding a secure and comfortable driving stance is crucial.

Two advantages of a correctly adjusted driving seat are improved visibility and the capacity to react swiftly in unsafe situations; preventing back pain is another benefit. I'd like to briefly go over a few driving position blunders that Mechanicbase recommends you stay clear of when putting your automobile on the road in this article.

1. If you are either too far or too close to the wheel during a collision, you risk suffering serious injuries. Make sure your steering hand is neither too straight nor overly tilted by checking its position. Ensure that the wheel is at waist level and that the backrest of the seat is supporting your back. This posture not only relieves back discomfort but also provides safety in the event of an accident.

2. It is now deemed unsafe to drive traditionally with your hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel. This tactic was frequently used before airbags were widely accessible. There is a good chance that you will break your arm in an accident.

Your hands should be at 9 and 3 o'clock, and instead of looping around the rim, your thumbs should rest along it. The driver's upper extremities, including the hands and thumbs, may be thrown toward the driver's face as a result of airbag deployment in an accident.

3. On occasion, we come across drivers who are so focused on looking cool that they stretch out in their seats and use their toes to control the accelerator. When your straight leg poses the greatest risk during an accident, your pelvic region and spine are more at risk. Instead of bending your back, bend your knee to reduce the risk of spinal cord damage.

4. Ensure that the height of your seat allows you to comfortably see the road. Your ability to see the road may be impaired by a lowered seat. Your legs will be in the way of the steering wheel if you are seated too high in the car, and if you roll over, your head will hit the roof. The blood supply to your lower legs is cut off when you sit up too straight because your thighs put too much pressure on your veins.

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