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Meet The Gala Seller Who Now Owns A car (Photos)

This life is wonderful. One second you are poor and hungry, the following second you are swimming in opulence. This is the situation of Tony, the youngster in the image above presenting with his Benz, who grew up to encounter the difficulty of life, even the extent that Hawking Gala in the blocked traffic. 

He would get up as right on time as 4am and prepare for the day's Hawking Gala business. He had gotten away from death two or multiple times when some distraught drivers would overspeed with no consideration on the planet if he was pushed over. 

Gradually and consistently he started to set aside up some cash which he utilized in firing up different consumables. He generally grinned even while under the searing warmth of the sun. 

He was committed to his business and after numerous years,he opened a little shop where he started selling containers of function in discount amounts. Today he is a pleased owner of a vehicle. 

Hardwork pays. 

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