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Ghanaians Mock Serwaa's Acting Skills While Questioning Her Expensive Benz

If "Scrutiny" was a course back in school Ghanaians will score A1 in that course. Ghanaians have descended on Serwaa Amihere after scrutinising a promotional video she did for a rising company.

In the video, you can tell that Serwaa was playing the role of someone who was frustratedly searching for credit to buy. She comments that that was the 5 time of getting Disappointed. She then suggests the new airtime purchasing platform to Ghanaians.

However, her little Skit wasn't what caught Ghanaians attention. Some went on to Tease her acting skills. One user commented that "she shouldn't try up acting" the user adds that her acting was fine though.

Another aspect of the video that caught curious Ghanaians attention was the sleek Benz car. Many were surprised that she was able to afford that luxury car. Many were thus inquiring to know how much she is paid monthly to enable her to afford the car.

Personal Analysis


From watching the video myself, it is cringe (awkward) as her acting skills don't seem polished enough as stated by the user who commented. However, there seems to be more room for improvement should she try more promotional campaigns and learn from other seasoned actors.

With regards to the car, it's not surprising to see a seasoned journalist riding a luxury car. Their salaries are a substantive amount, and they interact with so many prominent people in Ghana that they could easily receive gifts in cash or kind.

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