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A litre Of Fuel Is No Longer Ghc 6.58, See The New Price

The major product that people want it's price to be normal for them is fuel. Since 2016, it was the talk amongst Ghanaians in the country because if fuel price is increased, it affects everything in the country and people used to talk about it too much.

Recently, fuel price debate has been normal amongst Ghanaians because they have complain under several governments to reduce the price of fuel for them so that it's affection on the economy would be less but none of the government is listening to them.

If fuel price is increased, it also affects transportation fees across the country and drivers also complain bitterly to the general public and made their new prices known to them.

This year alone government have increased fuel price more than five times which Ghanaians keeps talking about.

Today, Sunday, October 17th, 2021 at 2 pm, it has been trending that fuel price which stands around Ghc 6.58 has increased again.

According to total fuel dashboard seen trending, the new price of fuel in town is Ghc 6.80.

What people are speculating disclosed that Super (PMS) price stands at 6.80, Diesel (AGO): 6.80, Kerosene : 6.29 but no change in Excellium 95.

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