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China Produces SUV's? See The Chinese Car Which Competes With Toyota

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited is an Automobile Company which is owned by the Chinese government. With multinational operations, the company designs and manufacture their cars in Shanghai which is where the company has its headquarters. The company was first known as Shanghai Automobile and Industrial Corporation. Looking at the former name tells you that the current name SAIC is the abbreviation of the former name (Shanghai Automobile and Industrial Corporation).

Logo of Maxus Automobile Company

SAIC Motor Cooperation has over the years become the largest automobile manufacturer in china as the company is trying very hard to produce quality cars to it' s consumers. The company is able to sell about 6 million cars annually which should tell you the Chinese Automobile Company is trying. SAIC Motor Cooperation has exclusive brands including LDV, Maxus, MG and Roewe

Maxus D90

Today, HyperCars features on the new D90 sports utility vehicle manufactured by Maxus Automobile Company. The Maxus D90 is a full size, body on frame sport utility vehicle produced by Chinese automaker Maxus under the SAIC Motor Cooperation nameplate. The Maxus D90 is popularly known as the LDV D90. The car was first introduced in October 2017 and it comes with a 204 PS permanent magnet synchronous (EUNIQ 9) electric motor.

Rear view of the Maxus D90

I know you may be wondering what is the meaning of LDV. In actual abbreviation of words, the LDV originally means Leyland DAF Vans but when it comes to the SAIC Motors and Maxus Automobile Company, the LDV is simply a common acronym with the actual meaning not yet known. The LDV D90 sports car was mainly produced to compete with the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Expedition and it seems it successful met it' s goal in a way. Cars produced in China are not as popular as cars produced in Japan but it seems the Maxus D90 family car is making waves all around the world.

Front view of the Maxus D90

When production and sales began in 2017, the cars were not of quality enough to compete with Toyota but I can boldly say that the car is now very impressive and buying one is not a waste of resource. Trust me when I say that. The T60 4x4 model of the LDV is powered by a 2. 8- litre turbo diesel four- cylinder engine built by Italian maker V M Motori. With how the cars are priced around the world, the basic trim cost about 28, 000 dollars. The Ute T60 4x4 Pro cost approximately 41, 000 dollars.

Inside view of the Maxus D90

According to the Maxus Automobile Company and the SAIC Motors Cooperation, the Maxus D90 offers consumers with all what they have been looking for in family sports utility vehicles. The styling of the Maxus D90 is unique, it is also safe, luxurious and above all gives you a comfortable ride at affordable pricing. What else would you possibly ask for again.

Front view of the Maxus D90

Get your LDV D90 sports utility vehicle and enjoy your ride and thank me later. Also the car comes with a front and rear parking sensor, ISOFIX child seat anchor points, three- point seat belt for all seats and a rear wheel electronic differential. So now tell me how often do you get all these features in one car.


Manufacturer: SAIC Motor/Maxus

Also called: LDV D90 or MG Gloster in India. The electric version is also called Maxus EUNIQ 9

Production: 2017– present

Assembly: China, India

Body and chassis

Class: Full- size SUV

Body style: 5- door SUV


Front engine, rear wheel drive

Front engine, four wheel drive

Related: Maxus T60, Roewe RX8


Engine: 2. 0 L 20L4E turbo I4 (petrol)

Electric motor: 204 PS permanent magnet synchronous (EUNIQ 9)


6- speed manual

6- speed automatic

1- speed automatic

Battery: 40 kWh

Range: 210km– 270 km


Wheelbase: 2, 950 mm

Length: 5, 005 mm

Width: 1, 932 mm

Height: 1, 875 mm

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