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Wonders: Young Boy Creates A Noise-Free Motorbike

A video making rounds on social media shows a young boy who has created a wooden motorbike. Not that the creation of the motorbike is something out of the world, but in reality, the motorbike is solar-powered and also noise-free. In an era where governments around the world are looking at reducing the dependency on fossil fuel to promote environmental sustainability, this creation by this young boy, who was identified only as Samuel is something worth taking up.

If properly handled, this project will solve many problems. First of all, the motorbike produces no sound, meaning it would reduce noise pollution in the environment.

Secondly, it burns no fuel, which also means that it will reduce emissions which are toxic and increases air pollution.

The source of power of the bike is the sun which is a renewable source of energy. It would be fulfilling if the invention of this nature is taken up and seriously looked at since it also has the potential to create economic gains for the country. One major way is through employment creation as well as export.

When well-researched and industrialized, the nation stands to gain.

It is hoped that those in authority would look into the matter and see how best such an invention can be harnessed and young Samuel also motivated to work hard at school since it is so obvious that he is an engineer in the making.

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