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5 Reasons Not To Buy A Black Car

This black car is better known for its mysterious and evil character, and is also very cool.

But everything has a price.

Let's take a look at some of the disadvantages of buying a black car.

It's impossible to keep clean

One thing about black is that it attracts dirt and stays there for a long time.

The rain mud and lightning stick to the body like a wonderful journey.

Storms are not good for black cars

All spins should be present in all cars, but the effect increases and is quite large on cars that are black.

Cannot be maintained

Of all the colors, black is the worst in terms of fading, the worst, it announces the fading process

It's getting hot

Black attracts heat because it reflects less heat.

Get ready to feel the heat inside and out

Poor visibility

During the day it is difficult to see a black car among other things, especially on dirt roads, while at night it is absolutely impossible to see a black car without the lights.

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