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Find out the Meaning of AS, GR, CF, ER, GT, UE, etc on car number plates in Ghana

DVLA in Ghana is responsible for giving numbers to vehicles as their identification. All vehicle owners must register their vehicles using the appropriate means in order to get their vehicles registered in order to avoid same registration numbers for two vehicles.

Today let us look at some letters which are located on the number plates of vehicles and what it means. 

Vehicle registration numbers are given depending on the region which the car was registered. For instance, if the vehicle was registered in the Central Region, it will get a registration number starting from C. So all the vehicles that start with CR, CT, CS,CU,CA are all registered in the central region.

Below is the summary of the first two numbers on the number plates and the region it was derived.

Ashanti Region: It starts with the letter 'A' giving all registered car numbers with A as the first letter. Eg. AS, AE, AW.

Central region: CR

Greater Accra: GR, GE, GC, GM, etc

Brong Ahafo: BA

Northen region for NR, UE for Upper East, and so on.

That's all that we have for you today.

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