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Slovakia Completes World's First Flying Car

Slovakia has completed its world's first flying car after series of tests were made at various airports in the country. The prototype which was developed was tested by taking off from Nitra airport and landing at Bratislava within 35 minutes. The prototype which is called AirCar uses wings just like the aircraft and folds down along the sides of the car within some minutes into the sky. It also has a propeller behind it. It has been declared ready after completing about 40 hours of test flight.

The flying car has certain features such as a BMW engine and uses a normal petrol-pump fuel. It can carry two people with a weight of 200kg. Before it takes off into the sky, it needs to run on a runway just like the aircraft and does the same when landing.

Prof Stefan Klein, the inventor of this flying car said the AirCar can fly about 1000km which is 600 miles at a height of 8,200 ft and has proved this through series of tests.

According to him, it took about 2 years for him to develop the AirCar and he spent around £1.7m to create the flying car. His aim is to convert some percentage of the global demand for aircrafts into a flying car.

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