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Road Accident

Everything Is Possible In Africa: See What This Okada Was Carrying That Is Causing Stirs (VIDEO)

When you go to Europe, road users especially motor riders follow road safety regulations. But when you come to Africa, most road users disregard road regulations and laws. Motorbikes are not made to carry goods but some okada riders have turned their motors into 'cargo trucks'. They used them to carry heavy loads blocking the view of other road users.

Looking at the screenshot below, an okada rider and his passenger are carrying a very big part of a car. Checking the size of this object, it covers the entire road. This has made other road users finding it difficult to bypass them. The passenger who is the owner of the car part was not even wearing a helmet.

Because the part of the car is heavier than the motor, the passenger at the back of the okada has to open his legs as if he is about to fly in other to hold it well. This is the kind of behaviour of some okada which causes accidents on our roads.

If the police arrest them they turned to blame the government that they are being harassed by policemen so they will not vote for them in the coming elections. Some Ghanaians after coming across this video started mocking Africa motor riders. They stated that some of these Okada riders are the reason why the Whiteman call us 'monkeys'.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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