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Motorist carrying huge car part that is causing stir on social media.(Video)

Motorcycling is a unique experience as compared to a car. You don’t sit in a motorcycle but you become part of it. This is not as a passive driver but as an active rider arcing into a string of smooth corners, playing along with the rhythm of the road; shifting, accelerating, and braking with precision. Whether you ride to and from work or prefer the camaraderie of a group ride on the weekend, motorcycling engages all your senses and creates an invigorating sense of freedom.

Motor has been a major way of transport in Ghana now. The high traffic system in the country makes people who want to get to thier location faster always opt for motorcycle as thier means of transport instead of cars.

A video is circulating on social media involving a motor rider and another man that is causing much stir. In this said video, they were transporting the side of a car frame on a motorcycle.

This is very surprising because, the car part they are transporting seems heavier than the motorcycle itself.

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