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Dreamt Of Driving A Car? Here Is What It Means

Driving a vehicle in your dreams is about control and how you feel about the future. Driving along on a sunny day suggests you are in control of your life and know where you are going. An out of control car or vehicle make refer to a lack of control with regards to your life and destiny.

Driving fast can relate to risky decisions you have made in life, whereas driving in the dark suggests unhappiness with where your life is going now. If you dream about being the passenger in a car it suggests that somebody else is deciding which road your life is going down.

Real Life Action: Think about where you are going in life and where you want to be. Is there some issue preventing you from getting to where you want to be? Take time to focus on the steps you can take to ensure that your life starts moving in the right direction.

This could involve taking a course to help your career prospects. It could be signing up with sports teams or for weekend courses to meet people and broaden your social circle. Even small changes can have a lasting positive impact.

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Real Life Action


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