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The Reason Why Tesla Cars Are So Expensive.

When it come to the electric car world, there is probably one name that comes to mind. Tesla, this power house electric car is the biggest name in gas free vehicles. Everyone wants a Tesla but there is one thing standing in their way, virtually every model is very expressive to own causing many people to get out of the market.

So why are Tesla cars so expensive? Ever since the first Tesla roadster was sold in 2008, these cars has been a luxury item. The roadster became a status symbol among the wealthy and the environmentally conscious. It will be issued as a new model soon, and will have a price tag of $200,000 for those looking for the finest and fastest car Tesla has to offer.

Tesla cars run on one power house component at their core, the lithium ion battery. This rechargeable battery is considered one of the best battery in the world because of it's high energy density and low self discharge. But that power comes with a high price tag.

Lithium iron batteries have some advantages over other batteries, they use recyclable metals like iron, copper and Cobalt. The mining of those materials is a challenge in itself and getting a sufficient supply of those materials means Tesla needs mining operations around the world.

The hunt for these rare Earth materials is really expensive which is the main reason why Tesla vehicles are really expensive. Although, Tesla is developing a much affordable vehicle with a price range of about $19,000.

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