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Video: Little boy makes transformer car and people are so happy to see it.

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The world is moving forward faster and faster. Many people are busily acquiring for themselves many certificates just to acquire a good job to do. But a time will come when certificate will be a secondary matter. Skills and creativity will be more valuable than certificate in the sense that one could have all the degrees in the world but lacks practical skills or orientation.

Many young people have exhibited their creativity skills in one way or the other. Recently there were news about an 18 year old Junior High School student who single handedly made his own Ferrari look alike car. Because of his practical abilities he is now being trained at Kantanka Automobile Company. Meanwhile, there are graduates from top Universities in the country who cannot even make toothpick even when provided with the enabling environment.

I was surfing on YouTube and I was lucky to come across this video which I think its worth an award. In the video the little boy out of his limited resources designed the exact replica of the famous transformer car in a small version. Kindly click on the link below to watch the video.

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