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Man posts his dream car only to get people spotting danger

I don't know why we casually ignore the most important things around us and give the attention to things which do not need much importance. There is a great responsibility on every citizen in this country and we need to make sure that we do the right thing in life so as to stay safe and also prevent others from going into harm's way. That is what we call being a citizen and not a spectator.

A circulating picture on the internet today has got me wondering why some people overlook danger and walk right into the face of danger feeling very comfortable. Don't they at a point in their lives think about the negative effects of the actions or the steps they take? Even if they do not care about themselves and their businesses, don't they take the lives of other people into consideration?

Well, a certain young man decided to post a car he had seen which he adores most but the attention immediately shifted from the car after the picture broke out into the internet. The Lamborghini Urus he had posted was cropped out if the bigger picture, some stores had now been factored into the equation.

Some shops along the roadside had gone against the norms in the country. People had built these containers around electric wires and light poles and pretended as if all was okay. I mean, they might not have much value for their lives but exposing others to danger is the problem for me. Who even does that?

This is very dangerous because looking at the nature of our electric system, we mostly face problems when it rains. These wires can fall on the roofs of the shops when water pours from the Heavens. Electrocution is bound to happen taking into consideration the nature of these shops.

If the shop gets burnt, they will come out asking for support meanwhile they knew from the start that those containers shouldn't have been there in the first place. I do hope the local authorities in the country get to see this disturbing sight and immediately get them out of that place because they are in danger.

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Lamborghini Urus


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