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When buying a second hand car, always check for this

Buying a used car can be exciting in either a good or bad way. In order to guarantee you have a positive experience, pay attention to the following six areas when you arrive to inspect the vehicle.

If your mechanical knowledge and skills leave a little (or a lot) to be desired, take a knowledgeable family member or friend with you to the appointment.

Buying a vehicle that is appealing to the eye but is full of hidden repairs can be a depressing and expensive mistake.

1) Mileage

Does the mileage, age and appearance of the car look consistent?

Any sign like worn screws that the instruments might have been tampered with? (Digital odometers can be tampered with electronically so clues like this won't exist).

2) Accident damage?

Any signs of inconsistent gaps between panels or mismatched colours that could be a sign of extensive repairs?

Is the paint finish even across the car?

Any traces of paint spray on handles, window seals or plastic mouldings?

Could the car's colour have been changed?

3) Engine

Any abnormal noises when the engine is started from cold?

Does the oil warning light go out as soon as the engine starts?

Any signs of excessive visible exhaust emissions?

Does the clutch operate normally? A noise when you press the pedal or a high biting point could mean that repairs will be required soon.

Is the catalytic converter in good condition? Look for a recent emissions test, either alone or as part of an MOT. This will confirm that emissions are within the stringent limits applied to modern cars.

4) Inspect the Exterior

First, make sure the car is parked on level ground because it makes it easier to access the vehicle when you are inspecting. There are several areas to pay attention on the vehicle’s exterior:

5) Take a Look Inside

It’s not unusual for a used car to look like a gorilla has been living inside. Take this as evidence that the owner did not tend to the vehicle’s mechanical needs any better. Specifically, check the upholstery for rips, tears, and stains. Start the car and test the air-conditioner and heater.

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