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(Photos)Creativity At Its Best; Check These Amazing Sculptured Object Made From Tyres By This Man

Creativity is going beyond the current boundaries, whether those are boundaries of technology, knowledge, current practices, social norms, or beliefs. Creativity is nothing more than seeing and acting on new relationships thereby bringing them to life. Innovation and Creativity goes hand in hand.

While there are many definitions of innovation, it is defined here very simply: using creativity to add value. Value can be economic, social and psychological. Creativity is not a personality trait available to only a few. Studies have shown everyone has some creativity, but it has been stifled by some individuals thinking that artistry and creativity are associated with mental illness.

The creative arts continue to be critical to mankind’s ability to adapt to changing creative environment requires more than providing intrinsic rewards. It requires rethinking organizational designs.

Creativity is regarded as one of the most complex of human behaviors. It can be influenced by a wide array of social, developmental and educational experience that leads to creativity in different ways in a variety of fields.

This gentleman is very creative and was able to create this beautiful designed objects from used car tyres.

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