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The Most Scary Buses In The world And How It Operates

1 Copenhagen zoo

Don't really know whether this business will put you off or encourage you to board. It is memorable designed that sometimes scare people off board. I don't think children can board this bus.

2. Dr Best

This bus is common in Ghana and is the most scary and flexible bus in the world which can turns 270 degrees Celsius. When the car turns, you may think the joint will break which can also scare children travelling with it.

3. Specsavers

This is a catchy bus, where all the tires has been wrapped into their brand message. This also scare people and also stick in their minds.

4. Keep Holland clean foundation

It reminds people to keep the environment clean whenever they see it, and seeing this will also prevent you not to board because you may think is a sanitation car ( Zoomlion ).

5. Airport bus

This bus seems like flying in the air, because of it wrap, it even gives small idea about the name.

6. National geographic

This wrap can prevent you not to board this car because the gate seems like a shark jaws. Which appears to swallow you up when entering which can really scare people.

X games

This wrap turns this bus into a giant skateboard which is very scary, beautiful and catchy which will always sticks in people's mind.

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Best Copenhagen Ghana Holland Specsavers


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