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The disciples staked lotto: Lottery is not bad, Bishop Obinim Explains.

Lotteries operate today in many countries around the world. This type of gambling is usually run by governments and is sometimes described as regressive. Lottery is an unfair bet, so explaining the purchase of lottery tickets by risk averse consumers has been a challenge for economic theory. Lotteries can be analysed from either of two economic perspectives: as a source of public revenue or as a consumer commodity.

Bishop Daniel Obinim is one of Ghana's renowned pastors and has been known for a lot of controversial statements he makes in the public space. He has over and over again stressed that lottery is not a sin as some pastors say on his television station which is "OB TV."

He is one man of God who usually gives out lottery numbers to his church members. Just recently on his TV Station, he justified why lottery is not a sin.

He quoted the book of Acts in the Bible where the disciples casted a lot to find a replacement for Judaism is Carrott. He stated that "The followers of Jesus Christ use lottery to elect the replacement of Judas is Carriot so if you don't know go and read your Bible."

Do you agree with the Man of God that lottery is good and there is nothing wrong with it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments box.

Source: OB TV

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