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Are You Struggling With Betting? Here Are Six Accurate Predictions On This Weekend's Premier Leagues

Sports (football) betting has now become one of the most challenges football lovers are facing in today's generation. Unlike the olden when betting was done manually, without the uses of any electronic device such as mobile phone. But today electronic devices, the internet, betting apps have made things so easy for football lovers. They can watch and play or stake bet on a particular game at his or her comfort zone without moving to a friend to challenge on that game.

The challenge that comes with today's electronic betting the numerous loses most people encounter. Have you ask yourself why you always lost your bet? I am going to show you some simple trick that can help you win your bet everyday. I will also leave out some prediction on today's upcoming game that will Fetch you more cash but before that kindly hit on the plus follow button at the top far right hand side corner of this post to follow up on me.

This year's premier league is going to be an interesting one looking at how some teams have started with good performance. Upon all this performance football and betting lovers found it difficult to stake and win on a particular game. One of the match this football fans sees it to be difficult and therefore can't predict the outcome of it is Chelsea verse Manchester City.

Choose from the below accurate predictions if you want to win your bet today. Starting with this weekend premier league matches.

✓. Chelsea vs Manchester City

Prediction: Home/Draw

✓. Manchester United vs Aston Villa

Prediction: Handicap 1:0. Home win.

✓. Everton vs Norwich

Prediction: Home/Away

✓. Leicester City vs Burnley

Prediction: Home/Draw

✓. Watford vs Newcastle Untied

Prediction: Over 0.5

✓. Brentford FC vs Liverpool FC

Prediction: Draw/Away OR Over 1.5

✓. Arsenal vs Tottenham

Prediction: Over 0.5/Draw.

The above prediction are premier league matches that will come off this weekend. Betting on them will help you earn all what you have loat through football betting today.

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