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Third Fixed with 119.98 odds


It’s a pleasure writing to you a life experience of how I created opportunity instead of wasting time waiting for one.

I remembered when I was in my teens, I do love buying and selling, that is, business, but I never planned on studying business nor accounting in my studies, instead I choose to go for science basically Biology. I finally got admission into a higher institution to study Biology.

During times spent in school, things become so hard that it wasn’t easy financially and I was brought up from a separated home so to know how hard things went on with me. It got to a point I reached out to my friends to help me in search of an opportunity offer to learn of some business such as the productions of toiletries and pastries but I want a free one cause am broke…….

Guess what they did, they stunned at me for a moment and suddenly burst out to a deep laugh, I felt discouraged and emotionally downed, thinking down in my heart, who can help me, where can I find this opportunity I asked myself?

I left my friends on the sit to find another way out, on my way back home, there is this shortcut I take when am tired, passing through that way I saw a shop stored with cassette for renting and for sale, I walked in there on sighting a a cassette in the front a picture of different pastries and production of toiletries, I asked the woman in care of the shop the price of the cassette? She answered, a thousand naira(#1000), I looked at myself thinking of where to get the money from due to my financial status then, meanwhile it occurred unknown to me that the woman have once met me and was trying to figure out where that can be.

She asked me of where I was last weekend and I answered ‘’at a volunteering service’’, I told her the area, she exclaimed! I knew it, I once saw you in our community giving out so many things, she was so happy about it and decided to give me out for free the cassette.....

Kindly anticipate for the part two.

God bless you.

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