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No Woman In Her Right Senses Would Marry A Man That Plays Bet And Lotto- Lady

The main reason that most players get involved in sports betting is for entertainment value. Watching live sports is fun, but the rush and excitement can be really amped up when you have money on the line This is where sports betting can help out.

 A post is causing reaction on Twitter after a lady posted that no woman in her right sense would marry a man that plays bet, lotto.

 The lottery is a case in point. Few people who gamble for the thrill will bet on the lottery because it's not about how much money they earn, it's more about the excitement of placing a bet and seeing how it pans out.

 In our world today people that play bets are seen as irresponsible. does it mean that if you play bet, lotto no woman would marry or take you serious, most times they are tamed jobless.

 Is this girl right, what do you have to say to this girl and if I may ask why do you ay bet.

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