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Video Of A Female Hawker Staking Bet Goes Viral, Ghanaians React

It has become a hard thing nowadays to get money. Some people even find it difficult to get a three-squared meal as a result of not having enough money. Most of the time, it could be that these people do not have jobs or are not making enough from the little work they are doing.

People have been made to one way or the other believe that the staking of lotto or bet could earn them some money should they ne fortunate enough. Lottery and betting are a try and luck affairs where lucky people get the chance to win some money.

Betting has become something that many football lovers enjoy to engage in. Even though people perceive that football is something that a lot of males are a fun of, females are also into football these days. Both males as well as females also try their luck in football betting. Either they go to the nearest betting center or decide to stake it on their phones.

There is a viral video that is circulating on social media platforms. In this video, female hawker could be seen staking bet in a betting center.

The woman in the viral video could be seen carrying the foodstuffs she sells on her head even while staking the bet. This has even made the video gone viral as Ghanaians react to it. While some people see it to be funny, others see it otherwise.

See some of the reactions from Ghanaians;

Click on the link below to watch the video;

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