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How To Make Consistent Income From Sports Betting

Sports betting Is one of the widely known and easiest ways to make Money now. This is due to the widely expanding betting bookmakers around the world.

Despite the news of people making really good money from sports betting, statistically most people end up losing money in the long run. To be able to gain consistent income from Sports betting, there are certain tricks and behaviors you need to adopt in order to beat the bookmakers.

This strategy also works worldwide and can be applied no matter where you find yourself. Here are some of the tricks you can implement to make Consistent profits from sports betting. 

Don't be greedy 

The first and most dangerous habits of sports is greed. Most people overlook this and pay the price while others control it and enjoy it. Most people go into Sports betting with the mindset of hitting thousands of dollars a day.

Although this can be very possible if you're lucky, this isn't always the case. People end up losing a lot more than they invest or gain. This is why in sports betting, you should remove any greed from you.

You can set rules to help you overcome this. One of this can be telling yourself you're always going for a ×2 odds or ×5 odds.

This is going to help you limit yourself rather than trying to go for ×2000 odds and ending up with nothing. This then leads us to the next point.

Use The Compounding Effect Strategy

This is one of the most rarely explored Betting strategy by most People. This strategy is what I call the Compounding Effect. This strategy has worked very well for me for many years and a lot of people also testify to that.

It's a very simple strategy where you aim for a ×2 to ×5 odd everyday or every two, three  days or even every week with an amount of $1 or one unit in your currency.

Then, do not withdraw your earnings if you're successful. Use all your outcome and go in for another ×2 to ×5 odds the next week or day or your specified interval. What this does is, it multiplies your money exponentially.

Let's take this example to make things even clearer. Let's say you got for a ×5 odds each week from your best selected matches. You win and end up with Total of $5 or 5 units of your currency.

Then you use the realised income which is 5$ to stake another ×5 odds for another week. Do this for a month and you'll end up with 625$ at the end of the month.

Although you won't be Winning all the time, you're increasing your odds of winning by selecting your best options for a week without any greed attached. 

Be knowledgeable about the sport or team 

Warren Buffett, one of the best investors in the world says this, risk comes when you don't know what you're doing. This is a very true statement when it comes to that the world of betting.

Not knowing anything about the team you're staking for means you're leaning only on luck. However, if you actually know what you're doing, you're increasing your chances of success.

This means you're strategically having and upper hand and you can also be lucky. This makes you better than going in with only trying to be lucky.

Analyse the current and past forms of the teams competing and make an educated prediction.

If you don't know much about the teams, Don't Risk your Money. 

Follow history, no emotions

When it comes to sports betting, there's always a history relating to the two competing teams.

You can pull this data from any search engine you're using and try to make your predictions and analysis based on it. Some websites also provide professional analysis to help you increase your odds. This is a very good thing to use rather than using your instincts only.

Your instincts may help you once or twice, but it won't help you in the long run and this is proven statistically. 

Make use of cash outs when possible

Most bookmakers nowadays allow it's people to have part of their potential income when things are slightly favouring them or going against them.

Most at times, people overlook this opportunity and stay in the game for long due to greed. They'll usually end up losing everything.

Try to utilize this whenever you think you're going to lose in the game. Don't be too greedy, afterall half a loaf Is better than none. 

Don't bet with money you can't afford losing

I hear a lot of people losing huge sums of money and it's disheartening.

One thing is, the betting bookmakers are not going to refund your money no matter how bad your situation is. So if you're thinking of going to stake a bet with money you can't lose comfortably, don't.

This can be very disastrous and disheartening when you lose. Also, it's going to cause you to be a little more greedy so you're going to do whatever it takes to make your money back.

This is why you should always bet with money you're comfortable losing. 

Make use of no risk betting 

This is one of the best options on this list but I left it for last because it's not available in all countries. This is a risk free betting system available in some countries, especially UK.

What this is, you're going to make use of different bookmakers that offer you free bets upon sign ups. Then you're going to calculate mathematically how to utilize these free bets to make money whether you lose or you win your stake.

You can try making some google search around this to see if you've this option available in your country. 

Avoid sports games

Sports games are also one of the easiest ways to make money theoritically.

These games are provided by the bookmakers for a reason. The system used in running these programs are made in a way to make the bookmakers money at the end of the day. Although they may allow some people to earn at some point in time,  they're always going to make money at the end of the day.

If you happen to be the lucky one at the end of the day, you're going to make some decent money. However, if you're on the wrong side, you're going to eventually lose all your money at the end of the day. 

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