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5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Sports Betting And Online Gambling

I enjoy sports in many different ways. I like to watch them, I used to play many different sports, and I like to bet on them. I’m not alone in these things, especially when it comes to gambling on sporting events.

The sad fact is that most people who gamble on sports should quit. This is because most sports gamblers aren’t doing what they need to do to win money over time.

Here’s a list of seven reasons why you should stop gambling on sports. And there’s also some information about what you can do to improve your odds of winning if you’re not ready to quit.

1. You can't beat the Vig

Most sports gamblers can't beat the extra charge, called a vig. If you're not beating the vig, you should stop gambling on sports. Using the point spreads published by the big sportsbooks, you could break even by flipping a coin to pick winners.

2. You don’t spend enough time handicapping games

Most sports gamblers can't beat the vig because they don't spend enough time handicapping events. Handicapping sports games is a challenging skill to develop. You have two options when it comes to betting on sporting events: either dedicate enough time and effort to each game or simply bet on the team you want.

3. You bet on everything

Many sports gamblers are what I call action junkies. They feel like they have to have action on games every day, so they basically bet on everything. If getting action is more important than winning, you should simply give up on the idea of being a winning sports gambler.

4. You rely on luck or hope

Hope and luck are two of the most dangerous words a sports gambler can use. Anytime you hope something happens or rely on luck, it's a sure sign that you need to quit betting. The best sports gamblers never have to rely on hope or luck because they develop sports betting systems.

5. You refuse to use a Bankroll

If you're not using a dedicated bankroll for all of your sports gambling activities, you need to start using one immediately. Professional sports gamblers use a bankroll, but amateur sports players don't. A dedicated sport gambling bankroll helps you track your profits and losses and helps you determine proper bet sizing.

6. Poker strategy is more straightforward

Poker strategy is more straightforward than sports gambling strategy. It's easier for many gamblers to learn how to beta poker games than it is to beat sportsbooks. If you're willing to do the work and put in the time you can use any of the 3 areas to make a profit.

7. Blackjack is easier

If sports gambling isn't working out for you, blackjack might be the answer. Real money blackjack is easier than handicapping sporting events and learning poker strategy. It's still not easy, but if you're willing to put in enough time and practice you can learn how to win.

If you're not profitably gambling on sports, then you should probably stop and find something else to do. Poker and blackjack are both options that some gamblers use to make profits.

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