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3 Betting tips to win big time

1. Sure 2 odds slips

You can continuously win bets when you always stake 2 odds slips. You can select about 4 teams and stake them selecting overs and unders not exceeding 1.5. The probability of winning is very high. You can use 5gh to get 5,600gh plus in just 10days. It is called roll over. 

Day 1: start with 5gh and get 10gh (2 odds)

Day 2. Use the 10gh and get 20gh. (Just like using 1gh to get 2gh)

Day 3. Use the 20gh to get 40gh

Day 4. 40gh to get 80gh

Day 5. 80gh to get 160gh

Day 6. Use 160gh to get 320gh

Day 7. Use 320gh to get 720.

In 10 days times, you can get 5,600gh plus. 

2. Betting on live games can also make you win big. As the game is being played, you can predict who can win by assessing the current mode of the game. All bets staked while being played live has about 98% chance of winning. 

3. The bet companies have brought new features called 'Instant Virtual'. Here, you can select games to be played and can skip the match to get the scores. With reference to Sportybet's Instant Virtual, they have English league, Spanish league, Italian league and German league. You can choose from any of these leagues and stake on them. The chance of winning bets with the instant virtual is very high indeed. 

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