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A Man Won GHc289,157.99 Bet And See What He Used The Money For.

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A young energetic man named Joseph Nyarko living in the northern part of Ghana. Joseph Nyarko is a hard working man but also makes some means of ways to obtain money easily by Betting on a team. It was said that he won a bet over GHc289,157.99 and he was very happy. His friends, family and neighbors heard this news which made him famous in his society. News reaching his friends and neighbors they thought Joseph Nyarko would save the money for future use or invest the money in order to have a lot of money in the near by future but it wasn’t that way. He rather spent the money on materialistic stuffs with his friends such as Cars, Gold Chains and outfits. And also he used the money for beers, Clubs and other drinks. According to his family, They said due to the money Joseph Nyarko had he made new friends and they all spent the money with him. Brothers and Sisters please let learn how to save or invest with any little money we have for we both don’t know tomorrow. Thank you all for reading this article, kindly share and follow for more updates. Remember to follow this article in order to get notified by the next article.

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Joseph Nyarko


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