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(Sad Boys In The House): Man Cries After Loosing His Life Savings To Betting On Manchester United.

This news is about us, the sad boys(bettors) in the house and if you are not part of us, please bounce out from here. We all are like Liverpool, we never walk alone in this our venture. If a lose comes, we all loose and vice versa. Today we mourn one of ours, sounds funny right?

In this article, we will or are going to read about a man who lost his life savings to the betting industry after going all in for Manchester United in their clash with Everton yesterday. This man in question failed to adhere to the warnings of betting.In a video sighted by us on Instagram, a man in Manchester United jersey was seen in a bet room chewing off his nails and giving out soft cries as he watches his money slip through his fingers with little he could do save or stop that from happening when Manchester United were closing the game in goal-goal draw in Old Trafford.

He was seen and heard shouting on top of his voice begging on the Red players to win the match for him as if they could hear him from where he was. When this was happening, some of the men available were telling him to take heart and gave him some words of encouragement whiles others there too were laughing and making fun of him.

Honestly if you ask me, i think that the man was not able to see toady because he was saying that was the end of his life and he was going to die. And again, i think it was stupid of him to bet on a team like Man U. Who does that nowadays? we all should learn how to bet responsibly to avoid situations like this from befalling us.

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